Meet Rosanne Aviles, Our Member Services Director

Have you ever met someone who made you feel like the most important person in the room? How about someone who was incredibly passionate about leaving people better than they found them? Here at SunWest, we are so lucky to have that staff member who goes above and beyond to make not only her team, but also her members, feel like a million bucks. Let’s take a few moments to get acquainted with our new Director of Member Services, Rosanne Aviles.

Director of Member Services, Rosanne AvilesFor 13 years, SunWest Federal Credit Union has been fortunate to have Rosanne working for us and representing what great service looks like. From building the Goodyear and Surprise branches from scratch to leading the charge at our headquarters office, she’s clearly made an impact.

Our members mean so much to Rosanne and they are always at the forefront of her decisions as a leader in member services. Her dedication to our community is unparalleled, and who doesn’t love her enthusiasm for growing SunWest? Of course, it helps that she strongly believes SunWest is an exceptional credit union in so many ways, such as how we work hard to ensure our members don’t have to pay fees for every little thing. Rosanne also feels that both SunWest and its members benefit from the integrity and passion of its staff – and she would know, as she sets a great example for everyone around her!

Behind the scenes, Rosanne is an animal lover who owns 5 dogs and 6 cats – which is a lot to imagine, much less take care of! Those furry friends are lucky to live with someone so caring. Her favorite movie is the Godfather, which could just show how much family means to her! One quote that inspires her outlook on life is from Maya Angelou: “People will forget what you said, people will forget what you did, but people will never forget how you made them feel”. Both SunWest’s staff and its members are sure to remember how a thoughtful director like Rosanne makes them feel every day.

The next time you find yourself talking with a member of our team, you just might get a chance to chat with Rosanne. You might find out how her pets are doing, or discover that you have the same taste in movies. You can bet that no matter where the conversation goes, her commitment to helping you out will shine through. If you haven’t met her yet, now is your chance to get to know her! If you already do, share your favorite story of her!