DIY Halloween Spider Decorations

Halloween is just around the corner! This is a popular holiday where a variety of creative sides come out. For many this means planning their costumes, while some are preparing what themed goodies they will make for a party. Others are getting out their decorations, or getting excited for all the candy they’re going to collect on the last day of October! Many people spend this time with friends, and many take the opportunity for some family fun. What is your favorite aspect of this spooky celebration?

Decorating is a big deal for this holiday, whether it be homes, offices, or schools. There are many different types of decorations you can buy, depending on if you’re trying to be more cute and friendly or more scary and intense. If you enjoy making your own, here’s an idea: a giant spider you can hang above your garage or doorway.
Take a large black trash bag and stuff it with crumpled-up newspaper until it’s nice and plump. Section off a small part of the bottom for the head with tape or a rubber band, or just attach a black balloon later. Then attach 8 black paper streamers for the legs, which you can adjust in any pose you want while hanging it up with tape or strings – make it look like its dancing, or reaching out to steal some candy! Finally, create the face with paint or colorful paper cutouts that you can tape on. All of this is fun to do on your own or with kids of all ages, and if you feel like it, you can get extra creative and give the spider more designs on its body!

You can also make small spiders out of something round, like a little pompom or a bouncy ball or a cut-out circle of paper. Just add pipe cleaners and paint some eyes or glue on googly eyes! These can be placed anywhere around the house – you can stick them on the outside wall leading to the door or place them along the pathway.

If you make one of these spiders, friendly or spooky, tag us in your pictures @SunWestFCU so we can check it out! However you celebrate, stay safe and enjoy yourself this Halloween!