Halloween Safety Tips

Just a few more days until Halloween! You may have your costumes, candy, and decorations ready – or at least plans for them – but have you thought about safety? Especially if you’re taking kids trick-or-treating, it’s always a good idea to be prepared and discuss the rules with them. Here are a few tips on how to be safer this Halloween.10-26-18 girl.jpegGenerally people start trick-or-treating when it starts to get dark, which makes it more fun and spooky – but also harder to see and be seen. Make sure kids know to be careful on roads, just because it’s Halloween doesn’t mean there won’t be any cars going through the neighborhood! Get glow sticks and tell children to have them out at all times – there are giant ones they can hold like wands, ones in shapes, ones that can be turned into bracelets or necklaces – it should be easy enough to find some that will work with whatever costume the trick-or-treater is wearing. If you’re not getting candy or going around with kids, but are driving around, be extra aware of those around you and go slower through neighborhoods.

People have all sorts of decorations, including real candles in pumpkins, so make sure all parts of the costumes are fire-resistant. If you’re going to wear Halloween makeup, check if it’s nontoxic before buying it. Once you get it, test it out on a small area so you can find out if you have an allergic reaction before covering your face or more with it! You definitely don’t want to start feeling itchy in the middle of a party or for your child to get a rash that would ruin their night and chances of candy!10-26-18 group.jpegWhen trick-or-treating, a responsible adult should go with younger kids. Have your older kids decided they’re going on their own? Make sure they’re traveling with a group and agree on a time that they’ll get home by! And remember, it’s best to only go to houses with lights and decorations, and never go inside a home or car for a treat.

Are you feeling more prepared now? Well then, good luck on getting the best treats if you’re going trick-or-treating, and make sure to enjoy yourself, whatever you do. Try not to overload on too much candy in one night! Have a safe and happy Halloween!!