Bake Your Own: For Health and Wealth

Do you love apple chips? They’re a great snack, especially in fall when it’s apple season! And they’re not the only healthy “chips” out there. We were wondering what could make these snacks even better, and then realized – making them ourselves! This way you’ll save money while knowing exactly what’s going into your food.

11-9 apple chips
Picture (c) Well Plated

Erin at Well Plated has an excellent, simple recipe for apple chips. It’s super easy to make in your oven, and just has two ingredients! She gives great advice on what to do if you want crispier or softer chips, what else you can add these to, and more. Why not try out this tasty snack for yourself or your family, and make your home smell great in the process?

While you’re at it, slice up some other fruits and vegetables for a variety of delicious, healthy chips. Instead of buying veggie straws from the store, Julie at Table for Two makes zucchini chips. The thinner you slice them, the better! If they still turn out soggy instead of crispy, she’s got a bunch of ideas on what went wrong and how to fix it. Plus, they’re a paleo-friendly version of chips, with less carbs! These zucchini chips are clearly something we’ve got to make soon.

11-9 zucchini chips.jpg
Picture (c) Table for Two

Ready for something a little bit harder? Try out banana chips from Erin at Naturally Ella. Unlike many store-bought versions, there’s no added sugar or high-fructose corn syrup. All you need are bananas and lemon juice! However, baking it can be a little more difficult since your oven temperature needs to be accurate. If you’re willing to attempt it, she’s got some yummy-sounding variations. We especially love the idea of a little maple syrup for flavoring.

The fun of making your own food + the savings + the health benefits = the perfect weekend activity for us. You could watch your favorite show or movie while you wait, and take breaks to check up on how your chips are doing, or read a new book, play a game with your family… the multitasking possibilities are as endless as what you can make chips out of. So which ones are you going to try? Or if you’ve tried baking any other fruit or veggie chips before, let us know how it went for you! If you have any tips or pictures, feel free to share with us here or on social media!