SunWest Member Stories

At SunWest Federal Credit Union, our employees have the ability to participate in our Pay It Forward program whenever they judge appropriate. We have many deserving members who we want to go above and beyond for every day, but sometimes, there is a person who clearly needs a little extra help. Check out a few of these stories of our branch representatives helping out our members going through hard times.

Branch representative Cindy met Luis when he came into the branch to get a loan. When she asked what the loan was for, he answered, “to pay his rent and bills because he was robbed and knife point last night. He told me everything that happened and was very lucky to be alive”. Unfortunately, Luis was not approved for the loan – but then Cindy remembered our Pay It Forward program and luckily SunWest was able to help our member. The next day, when he came in to get his cash, Luis was very happy.  Cindy recalls, “He said in his 70 years no one has ever helped him. He was so grateful  and wanted to pay the Credit Union back and I told him he didn’t have to we are a family here at the Credit Union and were here to help our family. He gave me a hug and said he will never forget our kindness”. Great job using our program to do some good, Cindy!

IMG_0125.JPGMore recently, Assistant Branch Manager Reanna met a member named Amaris.  Reanna said, “she just became a mother for the first time in October and the father left the picture shortly before the baby was born. She is young, on her own and having a hard time making ends meet”. So, Reanna decided to help out Amaris with money from the Pay It Forward budget. Thanks for helping out the new mother, Reanna!

Member Service Director Rosanne Aviles was sent a story about two of our employees, Sandi and Bobi. They were able to create “a raving fan out of a non-member”. Their dedication to customer service inspired the non-member to write out a letter expressing their appreciation. As Rosanne said, “Sandi & Bobi’s patience and understanding made a real difference in this person’s life. The fact that they did this at 5 minutes to close makes it even that much more impressive. It is an important reminder that we never know what someone is going through”. Sandi and Bobi had no idea when they stepped up and gave superior service. See the letter below for the full story.SunWest fan letter-page-001.jpgThese stories are just a few examples of how SunWest sets itself apart from other banks and credit unions. Our employees truly care and want to help all our members as best we can. Do you have a story about our team going the extra mile for you or someone you know? Let us know in the comments how we were able to exceed your expectations!