Make Your Own Gifts

Looking to save money during the holidays? It’s a time where many people get a lot of gifts for their family, friends, and coworkers. They might even be donating money or gifts for underprivileged people to be able to enjoy their holidays more. While the spirit of giving can be fun and make us feel good, it can also hurt our wallets. Here are some ways to save money on presents but still show others you were thinking of them.

12-14 apple butter.jpg
Picture (c) It’s Always Autumn

For something that’s not only cost-effective but also quick, check out this list by Autumn at It’s Always Autumn. For example: if you have a slow cooker, try making caramel apple butter in a large batch so you can create gifts for several people at once. You could get jars from the dollar store, and even make your own labels depending on how creative you’re feeling! Your recipients are sure to think of you with a smile every time they have another bite.

If you want more fun, useful gifts you can make yourself, check out this list from Kristen at DIY Cozy Home. The Reading Pillow she found from Melissa at Polkadot Chair is adorable, customizable, and is sure to get a lot of use from the readers in your life! Try it out or any of the other many lovely, doable ideas on the list and keep your costs down and your recipients happy.

12-14 pocket pillow
Picture (c) Polkadot Chair

Amber from Crazy Little Projects has compiled a list of homemade gifts you can give. It covers pretty much everyone you might be thinking of this time of year, from neighbors, to kids, to people who like to bake! There are plenty of wonderful ideas just between these three links. If you’re looking for something even more specific and heartfelt, there is sure to be something more directly related to the interests of the person you want to spoil – but on a budget! All you need is to search the internet for DIY gifts related to those interests. Have fun creating gifts that are sure to bring joy to your loved ones – without you worrying about breaking the bank!