Grow Your Savings With A Garden

Planting season is upon us! Depending on what you want to plant, of course. Vegetables and fruits are always a good way to save money on groceries while encouraging healthy habits at home! Here are some suggestions for which ones to grow and tips on the best times to plant in Arizona.1-25 1.jpegAccording to the A&P Nursery, February is a good time to plant vegetables such as spinach, rutabaga, lettuce, carrots, beets, and more! You can start planting watermelon, corn, and peanuts in March. What a wonderful variety you can have just in your own backyard! They give some great advice on what you need to consider when gardening, from location to bed size to soil types.

Check out the frost dates on Urban Farmer’s site to avoid planting when there’s more risk! Give your seeds and young plants the most advantages you can. As you can see from the planting schedules lower on the page, there is a multitude of fruits and veggies you can be growing throughout the year. And don’t forget the herbs for flavoring your dishes! Plus, flowers are recommended to be planted among your produce because they can increase pollination rates, meaning more vegetables and fruits to eat.1-25 2.jpegYou’re sure to save a bunch of money if you can manage your own garden instead of buying all your fresh produce from the store. It will take some planning, regular work, and time to get it going, but once you do, the rewards are plentiful! Which foods are you most excited to grow yourself?