Valentine’s Day: Inexpensive Ways to Celebrate

Only two weeks until Valentine’s Day is here! How do you celebrate it? With friends, family, a special someone? There are all sorts of people you might share this holiday with, leading to many ways you can end up spending a lot of money. Spend your time instead and create wonderful memories without breaking the bank.

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Sensi from The Metamorphosis has great ideas on cheap dates. While these were thought up with college students in mind, people of all ages could benefit from these ideas. A picnic, whether indoors or outdoors depending on how cold it is, could be fun for anyone! Get heart-shaped foods, a red blanket, some candles, and maybe flowers, and you’re ready to go. Make it more romantic based on the cards you choose, some champagne, the lighting, or music. A movie night at home could also be romantic or platonic, depending on the movies you choose and who you invite, of course! No matter what, you’ll save money and still enjoy yourselves.

For more ideas, check out Kristin’s suggestions from Believe in a Budget. She has great tips for inexpensive gifts, but also for activities. Cooking dinner together with your loved one (or loved ones, if you want to include more of your family or friends) is a perfect way to spend quality time together. You could hand-write love letters together, or work on a different project like painting or making centerpieces. Your creations will always remind you of this Valentine’s Day experience!

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While fancy gifts and glamorous dates are exciting, a simple, less-expensive activity can be even more meaningful. Plan a cozy evening at home with your significant other, take your date on a moonlit walk, make heart-shaped treats with your family. Valentine’s Day is a time to spread the love, and you don’t need a bunch of money to show others how much you care.