Stay Safe At ATMs

How often do you go to an ATM? A lot of transactions happen online these days, but there are still plenty of people that have to visit a teller, whether human or automated. ATMs can be pretty convenient – but are you making sure you and your information are safe?

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Do your best to have a good awareness of what’s around you when you go to an ATM. It helps to be in a public location with good lighting whenever you can. And of course, you want to be careful with your pin. Don’t write it on the back of your card! Memorize it and try to make sure others can’t see you typing it in. If anything about the ATM or people around you seems suspicious, leave and contact the police and/or bank as soon as possible.

Have you come to withdraw cash? Put it away quickly, and wait until you’re safely in your car to count it! Similarly, if you’re going to make a deposit, have your cash or check ready to go. You don’t want to be digging around in your wallet or purse while standing in front of the ATM, whether you’re alone or there’s a line behind you. If you feel like the ATM’s not working normally, don’t let strangers help you. Make sure to go to the branch staff for help.

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Stay safe by being alert and aware of your surroundings. Your information should be kept secret so that your account and the money in it can’t be taken advantage of. But when it comes down to it, your safety is more important than money. If someone tries to forcefully take your cash or card at an ATM, give it to them! You can always call the police and the bank right after so the situation can be handled. You are the priority. It’s not that often that something bad will happen at an ATM, but make sure you don’t take the convenience for granted.