Saint Patrick’s Day Tips and Treats

Saint Patrick’s Day is a fun holiday that, in America, celebrates Ireland in a number of ways! People enjoy drinking and eating green-colored beverages and food. They wear green – and if you don’t you might get pinched! There are also a variety of events to attend.

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You can visit the Irish Cultural Center for music, food, crafts, dancing, and more! Everyone of all ages is sure to find something delightful. And of course there’s the parade that goes through Phoenix! Our own McDowell branch will be closed because of the road closures. Imagine the fun floats! It’s sure to be the “greenest day in the desert”, as they say! For even more ideas, check out this list!

If you have more time over the weekend or just prefer to celebrate at home rather than go join the crowds, there’s plenty you can do. Make some traditional Irish food, like boxty, coddle, or barmbrack! If those names aren’t enticing enough for you, there’s a lot more to check out! You could also spend some time crafting with your kids – some of these are so fun, you might want to make them even if you don’t have kids!

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What are your plans for this weekend? Hopefully some of these ideas will catch your eye. Perhaps you already had plans in mind! Let us know so that we (and others) can share in the celebration. Maybe you’ll get lucky and find (or craft!) a pot of gold!