Protecting Your Personal Information Online

Most people nowadays spend a lot of time online. We use the internet for research, keeping up relationships, ordering food, and so much more! But with all we do online, we need to also be careful about how much information we put out there. Everyone should be aware of the dangers and doing their best to protect their identity from those who want to steal it.

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A good place to start is by having passcodes on all your devices – phone, computer, laptop, anything. There are a bunch of options these days – from a password, to a PIN number, to facial recognition! Along with your devices, make sure to secure your online accounts. Each one should have its own strong, unique password with numbers, upper and lower case letters, and even symbols, if the website allows. Use a password manager if it gets hard remembering each one on your own!

It also helps to learn how to spot scams. Some phishing scams may be obvious, but there are plenty that are disguised well. Never click on any link sent to you through e-mail, social media messaging, IMs, or elsewhere unless you’re 100% sure you can trust it. For example, if you got an e-mail that looks like it’s from your bank, don’t just click whatever link they’ve given you. Open up a new tab and go to the site yourself so you can be sure you’re on the official website.

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Make sure to stay alert out there. Avoid anything that feels at all suspicious to you. It’s better to take that extra step of opening your phone with a password or searching for the official site. The alternative could be a stolen identity! Make sure to keep an eye on your credit card transactions and credit score as well, so you can be more likely to catch any problems early.