More Than Just A Number

Finding a financial institution that fits your needs can be tough. Sure, you need a place that offers the basic accounts such as checking and savings. But your finances aren’t just for everyday purchases – they hold the key to your dreams for the future. You need an institution that understands who you are, not as a number that it can profit from, but as a person with unique needs and goals.


Credit unions are not-for-profit institutions that were created with people in mind. They are also owned by you, the member, rather than outside investors trying to squeeze every penny out of each customer. Plus, they’re much more inclusive than people might think – for example, anyone who lives, works, or worships in Arizona can join SunWest!

Credit unions are also located all over the world! Thanks to the credit union shared branching network, you have so many more locations to stop at in addition to our 8 local branches. We know that convenience is important to you, whether you need to complete a transaction on your way to pick up the kids after work, deposit a check before getting to campus for classes, or simply dealing with the hustle and bustle of daily life. The network includes more than 5,600 branches nationwide, so whether you’re a neighborhood away or traveling across the country, you’re covered!

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Some places are constantly trying to sell you products you don’t need while credit unions are more transparent when it comes to your banking. Our goal is to improve your financial health and keep money in your pockets. Along those lines, SunWest doesn’t charge ATM or account maintenance fees, so you aren’t paying to access your own money. We’re also launching a financial education program to empower our members to take control of their financial journey and better their situation.

What else makes a community better? Volunteering! From the Phoenix Zoo to Ben’s Bells, Andre House to Casa Maria, our employees have volunteered at a wide variety of organizations. We’ve been brought to tears by the emotional stories of the Phoenix Children’s Hospital, and couldn’t hold back our smiles when taking care of dogs at the Maricopa County Animal Shelter. From people, to animals, to the environment, we want to aid in bettering our neighborhoods.

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So why not bank with an institution that’s better than a bank? Our members matter not because of the money they bring us, but because of the people they are. We’re part of the same community as you, and we want us to all grow together. So the next time you’re in the neighborhood, stop by a branch so we can introduce ourselves, and prove to you: credit unions care about you.