Being the Change We Want to See in AZ

Giving back to our community isn’t just some ploy to attract your attention—it’s ingrained in who we are. Here at SunWest, we have made it part of our mission to help those who need it most. And what better way to do that than through volunteering with organizations that directly affect our Arizonan community?


We want to go beyond helping just our members and work toward the betterment of the community our members live and work in. Volunteering allows us to uplift the community in different ways – at the Phoenix Children’s Hospital, we prepared goody bags for families staying with their child that might otherwise not get a chance to have fun snacks. We’ve walked and washed dogs at the Maricopa County Animal Shelter that have been cooped up waiting for love. We’ve gone around Lake Pleasant in kayaks, scooping up trash so the lake can be enjoyed by people and animals alike.

While we have enjoyed helping out how we can, the gratitude of the places we’ve volunteered at motivates us to do more and go even farther. At Andre House, both the people organizing everything and the people coming for the food service were so grateful, we knew we had to come back more often. At the Phoenix Children’s Hospital, helping out with the children’s crafts and seeing their excitement at being able to participate in a simple, fun activity warmed our hearts.


The smiles of those we’ve directly affected are worth so much more than all the time and money we put into these projects. Plus, being able to volunteer together brings SunWest employees closer to each other and to the community – at the Phoenix Zoo, we helped clear so many weeds as a team that we were able to get a choked-up stream to flow freely again, and completely changed the look of the whole area.

At the House of Refuge, a whole branch and their family members helped put on a barbecue and movie night for single moms on their kids. Everyone had a ton of fun, but one of our favorite stories was that “after the movie was over one of the moms came over to thank my sister and I, it was her son’s 2nd Birthday and she really wanted to do something special for him but that she only had $15.00 to her name, so she decided to buy a cake for him, and then she said to have over 50 people singing happy birthday to him, the dinner, the movie, the glow sticks and the treat bags, she said he thinks that this “party” was for him. She said I know he’s too young to remember, but I needed you to know that I will be forever grateful, this will be one the most spectacular memories for me.”


These are the events that will affect not just our community – but us at SunWest. Our employees will keep these memories in their hearts forever. We have already volunteered more than 430 hours so far in 2019 – and can’t wait to expand our volunteer program in 2020. We’re ready to make more connections and improvements and continue to care for our neighbor – because we know that the more we can do for those in need, the better our community will be as a whole.