Keep Your Finances Safe This Season

During the holidays, incidents of fraud increase. Scammers are on the rise as they do their best to take advantage of the busy time of year. Don’t let them sneak past your defenses – be aware of how they might try to trick you, and what you can do to protect yourself.

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SunWest will never ask you to send your personal or financial information in response to or via a link in an e-mail. We will never initiate a phone call asking for financial information such as your account numbers, social security number, or account balances. We will only ask for specific information to verify your true identity when you initiate a call with SunWest, before disclosing any financial information to you.

Many fraudulent schemes also involve asking you to purchase gift cards. SunWest will not ask you to send any gift cards or other monetary equivalent if something is wrong with your account. Also be wary of giving money to online retailers or even charities (you can verify them here) you aren’t familiar with.

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You should always be vigilant around any suspicious calls, e-mails, or even social media messages that seem to come from a financial institution. Elderly people have a higher chance of being targeted, but everyone should be on the lookout. The fraudsters will often try to frighten you into making a quick decision, while legitimate institutions are likely to give you time to think things over.

If in doubt, please call us for verification, or to report fraud or any suspicious activity, at 602-866-1100. For more ways you can prevent fraud, read these prevention tips. We would much rather you be safe than sorry this holiday season!