Creating A Sense of Community

Spending more of your time at home than you’re used to can be both boring and stressful. Whether or not you’re living alone, you probably miss friends and family you don’t get to meet up with like you used to. It can also be taxing to not be able to spend time at big events, malls, or even grocery stores in the same way as before. Luckily, there are a myriad of ways to spend your time without spending a lot of money.

You have likely already discovered the wonders of Netflix, but did you know there’s a Chrome extension called Netflix Party that allows you to sync up with friends so you can all watch at the same time? Watch or rewatch your favorite movies and shows together no matter where you are. While this doesn’t work with other streaming services, there is still an abundance of stories to get enveloped in no matter the site you choose. It may be tempting to subscribe to all of them, but instead save money by trying out their free trials and see which one or two have the most you’d like to watch.

Cheerful Senior Couple Using Laptop In Kitchen, Watching Culinary Recipies Together

Libraries have been offering more online options now that they have had to close their physical locations. Check out this list of ways to download and read free books for a great way to keep your mind active and maybe try some new genres you haven’t before. Rediscover other hobbies you may have gotten too busy for, but now have some time to attempt again. Sing some karaoke, start a podcast, learn an instrument. Cleaning up your home can feel productive – maybe redecorate some areas for fun! All of these cost little to nothing, depending on how seriously you get into them.

There are also a variety of video chatting options these days, that are of course being used more than ever. Check up on your friends. Set a day and time for a weekly family get-together. Make new friends by livestreaming on your Facebook or Instagram. Find apps that allow you to play with friends while video chatting. Have a game night with everyone in your household. Why not take this time of physical distancing to get closer to people emotionally?

Parents helping their son with his homework at home in living room.

Just because you’re getting tired of being at home, doesn’t mean you have to spend a wild amount of money to find entertaining activities. If none of the above activities have caught your attention, look up lists like these that will show you a world of possibilities. There are free classes for anything from exercising to playing guitar, free computer or physical games, free theater and music, and so much more. At a time when finances are becoming an issue for too many, save your money and connect with others, all in one go.